Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Niemi in Net

Doesn't it seem like the Huet/Niemi debate is like three years old now? I mean...Antti has so seized the goalie one spot in the past two months that it erases almost all traces of the consternation of this winter past.

And Niemi has been the best minder in every series so far. And that's hard to believe when you're talking about names like Nabokov and Luongo. He hasn't had the better game every single night necessarily, but big picture-wise he has out-minded his counterpart every step of the way.

Here's a stat for the Antti-doubters. Four GAA in playoff third periods. Total. Four! That is mind-boggling. The onslaught he survived in the final 11 minutes on Monday was the stuff of legend. Tell me he didn't look like a number one goaltender down the stretch. He made the average saves. And those spectacular. He gave no rebounds. He dazzled. His .919 SV% in the playoffs are up .07 from the regular season.

But let's not forget that he was 27-6-4 in that regular season. Why was there a netminder controversy again!?

And does Brian Campbell need to do anything else to prove his worth? Sure the 8 / 7.1 per seemed large at the time. And his offensive totals have trended downward. But his absence told you all you need to know. Look at the D now. The puck movement and overall flow have vastly transformed since his return. And Niemi has noticed too, methinks.

The City was abuzz last weekend when we were up there. I don't mind the support. Just don't wear a red 'Hawks t-shirt to a Cubs/Cardinals game. That's a no. And not to tout loyalty or anything... But I'm hoping the Eric Daze shirt I wore for the past decade renders my new Jonathan Toews jersey acceptable.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


-The Saints once had their own #18 QB. The following is my earliest (remembered) mental image of New Orleans Saint football:

-This game in the simplest of terms: The Colts are 16-0 when they try to win at football.

-I'd rather eat jambalaya than pork tenderloin or whatever it is.

-According to my (rather significant) sample, Colts' fans think they will roll. Then again, this is the same team that beat an 8-8 49er team at home by 4. And a 7-9 Jacksonville team at home by 2.

-Did you know that Peyton Manning's father played for the Saints? I think someone told me that once.

-The Saints actually attempted to go 16-0. And then still lost to Tampa Bay at home.

-Yes, the Colts have made it look easy in the playoffs, but in 7 games this year they had to come back from 4th quarter deficits. (None of those games were with the Saints' offense on the other sideline).

-Reggie Wayne grew up idolizing Eric Martin. I remember I had a Topps "1,000-yard receiver" card of Eric Martin, and in my mind he was so monumental.

-The Colts have beaten two 9-7 Wild Card teams at home to get to this point (a Jets team that was at one time 4-6, and the Ravens who started 6-6).

-I like it when the clear season-long two best teams meet in the Super Bowl. It hasn't happened since Colts Bears.

-The Colts are the first team to reach the Super Bowl without having to beat one division winner since the '05 Seahawks, and the first AFC representative to ever do so in the history of the NFL.

-If this comes down to the kicker...Stover is 42 years old with 1,157 career attempts. Garrett Hartley is 23, with 22 total tries (including extra points).

-The Colts still haven't played a team with fewer than six losses this season. That is hard to fathom.

-The Saints are BY FAR the best opponent on the Colts schedule this season. By a long shot.

-Since the NFL went to a 12-team playoff and started seeding both conferences 1-6 in 1990, no team in either conference had made it to the Super Bowl without beating at least one team that won 10 or more games in the regular season.

-The Saints defense is not rated very highly. Then again, they had huge leads all year. And teams dropped back and passed it all over the place late against a non-aggressive defensive approach.

-Common opponents: Five. Both teams played the Patriots and Cardinals. New Orleans beat them 38-17 and 45-14, respectively. Indy? 35-34 and 31-10.

-The lack of respect for the Saints around here is astounding. The Colts are favored and should be, but I'm shocked people don't recognize how good the Saints were this year.

-The Super Bowl Final score? 31-30.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2008 In Review

Time for my year-end lists... The entries are in no particular order within the categories.

Rhinoceros Success - Scott Alexander

A Christmas Carol (12.7)

The Melting Pot (1.3)
Piper's (4.20)
Bonefish Grill (5.29)
Don Pablos (9.12)
The Melting Pot (10.26)
(Adobo [8.13])

Blackhawks host game at Wrigley (1.1)
The Bears trade for Jay Cutler (4.2)
Chris Roberts' 3/4-court shot in CIT (3-23)
Blackhawks advance to the Western Conference Finals (5.11)
Bradley beats Illinois (11.28)

Scenic Route - Jars of Clay
Faithful One - Bryce Daniel
Moment of Surrender - U2
Name - Joel Hanson
Free - Switchfoot
(How He Loves - David Crowder Band)

The Long Fall Back To Earth - Jars of Clay (4.21)
Hello Hurricane - Switchfoot (11.10)
The Great American Midrange - The Elms (9.15)
Armistice - Mute Math (8.18)
No Line On The Horizon - U2 (3.3)
(What If It Is - Joel Hanson [10.29])
(Church Music - David Crowder Band [9.22])

The Long Fall Back To Earth - Jars of Clay
The Great American Midrange - The Elms
Hello Hurricane - Switchfoot
Armistice - Mute Math
No Line On The Horizon - U2
(Broken - Joel Hanson)
(City of Black and White - Mat Kearney)

Tom Cavanagh
Jay Cutler
Danica Patrick
Kerri Walsh
Don Mattingly

Jonathan Toews
Dustin Byfuglien
Adam Burish
Brian Campbell
Kris Versteeg


Umcka immune-boosting syrup

Extended Blackhawks Postgame until midnight EST.

1 Chronicles 28:20

"We’re just sitting like novels we’ve picked up but never read through / You think you know my ending, I think I know yours, too" - Jars of Clay ("Scenic Route")

"Hallelujah. I'm caving in. Hallelujah. I'm in love again. Hallelujah. I'm a wretched man. Hallelujah. Every breath is a second change." - Switchfoot ("Always")

"I was born to sing for you / I didn’t have a choice but to lift you up / And sing whatever song you wanted me to / I give you back my voice / From the womb my first cry, it was a joyful noise." - U2 ("Magnificent")

"If there's one thing that I know to be true / Is that I'm in love with you, is that I'm in love with you / And I don't care if everyone knows what we're going through / 'Cause all the roads lead back to you." - Mat Kearney ("On and On")

"I've dropped anchor in Your promises and I am holding on, 'cause You are faithful." - Steven Curtis Chapman ("Faithful")

"I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing. ." -- Stubb (Moby Dick).


"Please advise..."

"Sorry for interrupting..."

Cincinnati date with Megan.
Ridding my left thumb of it's huge growth/boil/blister/wart.
Trafalgar night with Meg.
New Year's Eve prayer with Megan at church.


Crash of laptop.
Locksmith night.
Choking on my proposal speech.
Module failure at 5 in the morning the day of Randy's wedding.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here's a brief and sporadic pictorial of my 2008. It's hit and miss, and purposefully non-conclusive. If a key happening is found to be left out, it's not intentional...

1.1.9 - Winter Classic

1.1.9 - Downtown with Meg.

1.2.9 - Promotion

1.3.9 - Girlfriend.

1.28.9 - Snow Day at Work.

2.1.9 - Super Bowl Party.

2.14.9 - Valentine's Day.

2.22.9 - Bulls Up Close.

3.5.9 - Driving to Arch Madness.

3.9.9 - Big Ten Burgers at Work.

3.13.9 - In the Tunnel with the Illini.

3.14.9 - Grainger at the Ice.

3.23.9 - Chris Roberts' 3/4-court Shot in the CIT.

4.2.9 - Jay Cutler a Bear.

4.9.9 - Indians' Opening Night.

4.15.9 - New Car.

4.21.9 - The Long Fall Back To Earth.

4.30.9 - Bulls 128 Celtics 127 in Game Six.

April - Playoff Beard.

5.11.9 - Blackhawks Advance to the Western Conference Finals.

5.24.9 - Dan's Best Man.

6.5.9 - 30th Birthday Party.

6.6.9 - Snow Cones with Savannah.

7.3.9 - Six Months.

7.5.9 - The Music Man and Fireworks on the Hill.

7.19.9 - Louisville Trip for Bats Game with the Skinners.

7.29.9 - Tractor Pulls are Fine.

8.1.9 - Scene of Proposal Scouting Trip.

8.3.9 - First ESPN Appearance.

8.13.9 - Propose.

8.15.9 - At Bryce and Jana's Wedding.

8.22.9 - State Fair.

8.30.9 - Starry Night in Trafalgar.

9.5.9 - Full Circle. Indians' Finale.

9.6.9 - Our Symphony On The Prairie Debut.

9.12.9 - Engagement Party at Don Pablos.

10.4.9 - At Wrigley for the Season Finale.

10.14.9 - In Nashville for Dave Ramsey's Affiliate Executive Counsel.

10.26.9 - The Melting Pot.

10.30.9 - Autumnal Party.

11.2.9 - Engagement Photo Shoot.

11.10.9 - Hello Hurricane.

11.13.9 - First Brunswick Stew Since Moving to Indiana.

11.26.9 - Thanksgiving.

12.4.9 - Candles and Carols.

12.10.9 - Sell Oldsmobile.

12.13.9 - Christmas At The Zoo.

12.24.9 - Christmas Eve Picture.

12.25.9 - Christmas Day.

12.31.9 - New Years Eve Prayer.