Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Game Seven.

Baseball is still the best. Having a for-sure final game of the year renders me absolutely melancholy. A baseball season is such a constant companion

Starting with the countdown to pitchers & catchers. Then that first Spring Training game on the radio. Taking off work for an Opening Day party.

The grind of fantasy baseball. Daily box scores and the roller coaster of thrilling wins and all-too-long losing streaks.

Meaningless All-Star Game voting. The rush of the trading deadline. Magic numbers. September callups.

And then the sudden realization of how weird it looks to see long shadows in the middle of the afternoon watching a game on TV in late September.

And October baseball feels like a different sport altogether. Players in hoodies. Seeing pitchers' breath on the mound. That weird MLB on FOX ambient sound...

...from Valentine's day to Halloween, baseball doesn't leave you.

 Tomorrow another countdown begins.